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As women, we’ve experienced “good hair days?” It may or may not be triggered by your hair of course, but we know the feeling. We feel good about our self and the world! There’s extra spring in your step, a twinkle in your eyes, and an easy smile for everyone you meet!

Contrast that feeling of radiance, confidence and vitality with a “bad hair day” when you don’t feel your best or even close! You get through the day shrinking from the world, disconnected from any sense of your true beauty.

As a holistic cosmetic surgeon, I’ve helped hundreds of people in my practice who feel like every single day is the ultimate bad hair day. Some believe they were never blessed with good looks, or feel fat despite their size. Others agonize over acne that left marks on their skin and their soul. Many fear that their youthful beauty is fading, still others question their desirability and self-worth after a traumatic divorce or major life change.

These women come to me seeking the beauty that they already posses, but can’t (yet) see for themselves. For many of these women my skills as a cosmetic surgeon are an incredible catalyst to their transformation, … and it’s my duty to remind them that while in some cases plastic surgery can be an amazing catalyst to transformation, it is not the only way to achieve the vibrant glow of a Positively Beautiful life.

I believe that true beauty is health and happiness, made visible, and that beauty is yours to define.

Positively Beautiful is my offering to you, a Sanctuary of Support, Information and Resources for seekers of beauty, freedom and luminous joy.

Explore. Enjoy.


Dr. Susan Mathison



Dr. Susan Mathison

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